3 Great States To Buy A Used Semi Truck In

Are you in the market for a used semi truck? Are you willing to travel out of state to purchase your used truck and wondering where you should start your search? If so, the below 3 states are all great choices; read on to find out why.

1. Nevada

The presence of rust is a huge concern when purchasing a used semi truck, and wet, humid weather causes vehicles to rust quickly. Used semi trucks that have spent much of their lives running through Florida rains or New England snow are likely to have corrosion on their frames. In Nevada, though, the overall driest state in the nation where only about 9.5 inches of rain falls per year, there isn't much precipitation to splash up on a trucks underbody and promote rust. 

If you choose to shop for a used semi truck in Nevada, you'll likely see a lot less rust than you would in other states, but don't rule the presence of rust out. Trucks that haul liquid are still susceptible to humidity-induced corrosion, so always inspect vehicles you're considering for purchase thoroughly.

2. Wisconsin

Many states have lemon laws that protect individuals from purchasing cars and trucks that prove to be defective; however, there is only one state where those laws include protection from purchasing a defective semi truck -- Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin's lemon laws, the purchaser of a semi truck can be awarded two times the cost of the truck, interest payments, and court fees if the truck they purchased requires repeated repair of the same issue within a short period of time.

If you purchase a used semi from Wisconsin and it proves to just be a really terrible piece of machinery, you'll have an outlet to seek compensation. Be forewarned, though, that not all used semis are covered under the lemon laws. In order to be covered, a used vehicle usually has to have some form of express warranty. The warranty can be a manufacturer's warranty that has been transferred, or it can be an extended warranty or a limited warranty that was issue by the dealer at time of purchase.

3. Connecticut

The state of Connecticut's Commercial Vehicle Safety Division has a reputation for being exceptionally tough on truck drivers. About 150 certified inspectors work for the state, and they regularly stop semi trucks and thoroughly look them over for maintenance issues. The program is so strict, in fact, that Connecticut sees the fewest number of clean truck inspections and the highest count of violations per inspection in the country.

So why is it a good idea to buy a used semi truck in Connecticut? Over-the-road truck drivers tend to avoid the state if they can, but those who drive locally can't do so -- they have to be on Connecticut roads. And because they know they'll be spending their working hours driving on roads that are monitored by one of the strictest commercial vehicle inspection teams in the country, local drivers are likely super vigilant about keeping up on their trucks' repairs. Broken equipment won't linger on these trucks very long before resulting in a DMV-issued safety violation and/or fine. When you buy a used semi truck in Connecticut, you can rest assured knowing that it was likely serviced and maintained diligently.

If you're in the market for a used semi truck, you should know that some states offer safer vehicle transactions than others. To become a first-time owner/operator or expand your existing fleet, visit a used semi truck dealer in Nevada, Wisconsin, or Connecticut, and ask what finance options are available for you. Even if you're not able to travel, local dealers like Arrow Truck Sales may have trucks that were driven in these states that you can check out.

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