3 Ways to Get Some More Use Out of Your Junk Car

If you have a junk car that you no longer want to drive or have out on the road, that doesn't mean that your junk car is completely a waste. Here are three ways that you can get some money out of your junk car.

#1 Sell Usable Parts

Even if there are some major parts on your vehicle that no longer work correctly, there are most likely parts of your car that are still salvageable that someone else would pay for. For example, maybe your engine is busted, but the brakes on your car work just fine. Or perhaps you have a door that is in a great condition that someone who has been in an accident would like. Literally almost any part on your vehicle that is not broken down or damaged may be usable to someone else if you want to go through the effort of listing and extracting the usable parts of your vehicle.

#2 Charitable Donation

Even if you think your car is complete junk, you may still be able to get a small tax write off for it if you donate it to a charitable organization. The charitable organization can fix up your vehicle or sell it for parts; either way, you both get something out of the deal. Just make sure that you get a receipt that shows what you donated and the value of that donation, and remember to pull it out when you get to tax season next year to save on your taxes.

#3 Scrap Metal

Even if your vehicle doesn't have a lot of usable parts on it, it may still have lots of metal that is valuable. You can take it to a scrap metal yard and see how much you can get for the metal inside of your vehicle. Be sure to call ahead of time and see if there is anything you need to remove from your vehicle before bringing your car in, and remember that you are going to have to pay for a tow if the vehicle is no longer drivable. You may not make a lot of money for your vehicle, but you should be able to walk away with a little cash in your pocket.

If you have a junk vehicle, don't write it off as a total loss. You may be able to sell the parts on your vehicle, take it to a scrap metal place, or donate it to charity. You may also be able to find a business like Edison Automotive that purchases junk cars for cash and then sells the parts and recycles the metal themselves if you want something that requires a little less effort on your part. 

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