What To Know When The ABS Warning Light Comes On

You know your dash panel is there to serve as a window to what is going on inside your vehicle. However, when a light comes on like the ABS warning sign, you might go into panic mode if you don't know what it means. If this warning light is illuminated on your dash panel, here are just some of the key points you want to remember.

What Does the Light Mean?

Start with the most important point—what does the light mean? The role of the ABS system is to monitor the speed at which each of your wheels rotates, as well as the wheel positions, to ensure proper stability. This is done through a computer system designed specifically for your vehicle. Whenever there is a speed detected that is out of range or the positioning of the wheel is off, the ABS will alert you of this discrepancy in the form of a warning on your dash panel.

What You Need to Do?

Now that you understand why the light comes on, the next thing to figure out is what you need to do. First things first—you need to find someplace safe that you can pull over. Once pulled over, shut off the vehicle for several minutes. In some instances, the computer system is simply experiencing a glitch, and when you turn the vehicle back on, it should reset and clear the error.

If this happens, you're good to go. However, should the ABS warning light still be on, you need to head to an auto technician as soon as possible. The technician will then inspect the error code your car's computer system is sending to determine what exactly is going on with the ABS system. Whatever you do, make sure you don't continue to drive the vehicle for a long period without addressing the light, as this could be a significant safety hazard.

Warning Signs

An ABS warning on its own isn't a serious emergency. However, should this warning light come on along with a brake warning light on your panel, you need to pull over immediately. Combined, this could be an indication that the braking system is starting to fail. Without a proper functioning braking system, your safety is at risk.

If your warning light comes on, make sure you aren't ignoring this issue. Depending on the source of the problem, a prolonged repair could cause the problem to get worse. Take your vehicle to an auto repair services professional as soon as possible.

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