4 Types Of Running Boards For Your Truck And Their Unique Benefits

Sometimes trucks come with running boards. Sometimes they do not. If your truck did not come with running boards and you have decided that you definitely need them now, here are three types of running boards. Each has its own unique benefits so that you can decide which type of running board works best for you.

1. Split, Short Boards

These running boards are just enough to put your toes on and help you step into the truck. They are often durable plastic, but you can also buy chromed metal ones too. You cannot quite get a full foot on these boards unless you have very narrow feet and you are not wearing boots. However, if you have a small truck that is closer to the ground than its heavy-duty cousins, then the split short boards are perfect. 

2. Full Running Boards

Full running boards go from the front of your truck just behind the front wheels all the way to the back of your truck in front of the back wheels. These boards are often wider and allow for more room for your feet when you need more "oomph!" to get into your truck. They are almost always chrome-plated metal so that they look like they totally belong on your truck.

3. Retractable Running Boards

Retractable running boards are abbreviated running boards. They are a little longer than the short boards but not nearly as long as the full-length boards. Additionally, the retractable boards extend outward every time you open the truck doors and retract when the doors are closed. The boards tuck themselves neatly underneath the sides of the truck and stay out of sight. They do cost a lot more than your other running board options, but they tend to make your truck feel and look a little more "deluxe" than it was when you bought it.

4. Installing Your Chosen Running Boards

You could install your own running boards, but most retail outlets that sell these offer installation services. You might want to take them up on the installation offer, as running boards are installed onto the undercarriage and frame of the truck. If you spring for the retractable boards, these have to be connected to the onboard computer and electrical system because they rely on electricity to operate. They use motion sensor technology to detect when you have opened the truck doors, and they use the electricity to retract and extend.

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